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Geotechnical field studies

Posted on October 25, 2022

geotechnical field studies

Geotechnical field studies would give an indication of the character of soils in fields, to design the structure optimally and know more about the soil that will be used as foundation, and is a type of study about earth materials in a field, done for designing the foundations of structures or possibly to avoid geological hazards. The term “geotechnical studies” refers to any of the tests performed on materials that have been removed from a site, with the goal of determining their physical and chemical properties. Such tests are important for designing structures and choosing the most appropriate construction materials that is performed to determine the soil profile and its characteristics, including the bearing capacity of soils; geotechnical and seismology report based on detailed investigations of soils. and also, would help us know about the character of soils in fields. This helps us design the structure optimally. For example, we can find if it is suitable for a foundation, which type is suitable as a wall material etc.

Geotechnical field studies are carried out to evaluate the suitability of a site for a particular structure and help design the structure optimally.

With analyzing and understanding the characteristics of soil in a particular area will help of these studies that we can decide how safe the foundation of a structure is and what measures should be taken to make it more stable. We will design and execute these studies, with a wide range of equipment, which gives us an accurate analysis of soils and rock properties. Based on this information, we can design structures more efficiently till the client can confirm and design the foundation of his building to be sturdy. We have the ability to conduct these studies for our clients and give them reliable outcomes, at EGsciences company. At EGsciences, we use our knowledge of geology studies to ensure you get reliable outcomes when building your business. we possess decades of experience in conducting geotechnical studies for our clients. With commitment and dedication towards our job, we deliver the finest results. You want accurate information when it comes to civil investigations, to understand the results and recommendations we come up with. We appreciate that. EGsciences offers you access to this level of service in Chile and the region of south America.

We are a geotechnical consulting company, focused on the ability to provide you with reliable and accurate conclusions. Our services are extended to reliable engineering and project management solutions to suit your every need. Geotechnical knowledge is a key aspect of any civil or construction project. It can determine whether or not the project is viable, create an inventory of existing conditions and help to design a structure that can withstand soil movement in an optimal way. Geotechnical engineering is a branch of civil engineering concerned with the engineering behavior and performance of earth materials, especially soils. The most important distinction between soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering is that the latter incorporates the effect of soil on buildings in its design. Hopefully, not only we have lots of experts in this subject that could help you with their knowledge but also, we have so many professional courses on this topic for students and someone who is interested in civil or geotechnical. In addition, you can enroll on our free courses that are made for you here.


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