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Civil Works

Geotechnical study that included test pits, laboratory tests and geophysics for a property located in Hacienda Chacabuco, Santiago, Chile.

Geotechnical study for a restaurant to be built in Huechuraba, RM. SOCOEM ASESORIAS E INVERSIONES LTDA.

Geotechnical study that included 30 pits, laboratory tests and geophysics for a condominium of 70 houses in Los Ángeles, Bío Bío, Chile.

Geotechnical report of analysis of geomechanical parameters in alluvial soil, Santiago, RM. OITEC GEOTECNIA LTDA.

Geotechnical review, topography and pull out tests for 13 solar projects. Santiago, RM. XTERRAE GEOLOGÍA SPA.

Geotechnical study of retaining wall with gabions of maicillo. Santiago, Chile. COLOMA INGETEK LTDA.

Geotechnical reports. Flow analysis and slope stability. Santiago, RM. MINERÍA & SERVICIOS SPA.

Geotechnical study feasibility review use of filling material for TEM wall. V S L SISTEMAS ESPECIALES DE CONSTRUCCIÓN S A.

Engineering for EIA Seawater Impulsion System (SIAM). BRASS CHILE S.A., - COMPAÑIA MINERA ZALDIVAR SpA.

Diagnosis of landslides in Cerro Renca, includes periodic monitoring of deformations (topographic, inclinometer) and geophysical, geological and geotechnical studies. Renca, RM. MUNICIPALIDAD DE RENCA.

Mining Geotechnics

Geotechnical characterization Foundation soil of Spence hydrogen plant structures. Sierra Gorda, II Region.

Geotechnical Consultancy on evaluation of slope stability and reinforcements. Thickeners Project. Santiago, RM. HATCH INGENIEROS Y CONSULTORES LTDA.

Geotechnical reports related to geotechnical characterization of 57 rockfill wastedump, exploitation plan, selection, compaction and control of materials for embankment fills of Talabre IX stage. Santiago, RM. KNIGHT PIESOLD S A - CODELCO VP.

Geotechnical report on sand tailings wall stability. La Serena, Chile. MINERÍA PLAS-NORT LTDA.

Geotechnical Consultancy - Geotechnical recommendations for test fields for rockfill wastedump. Chile. DLS INGENIEROS - CONSULTORES ASOCIADOS LTDA.

Geotechnical stability analysis of the Blanca Aurora’s tailings dam. La Serena, Chile. MINERÍA PLAS-NORT LTDA.

Soil mechanics for plant structures Finning CAT. Coquimbo, Chile. Finning CAT.

Geotechnical Risk Consulting. Rancagua, Chile. SHIMIN.

Geotechnical reports and stability analysis of the SHL - Los Bronces project. Chile. AUSENCO - SHL.

Technical translations of environmental geotechnical reports. Filtered Tailings Deposit - El Peñón.

Quarry Design - Feasibility Engineering "West Quarry Exploitation SPENCE-BHP". DLS INGENIEROS CONSULTORES LTDA.

Quarry Design - Feasibility Engineering "West Quarry Exploitation SPENCE-BHP". DLS INGENIEROS CONSULTORES LTDA.

Disfiguration and dismantling project of 2 tailings deposits (Vales Das Cobras and Monjolo). Preliminary study of alternatives and solutions to provide stability to the tailings dams, focused on the use of rockfill, Brazil. VALE S. A.

Feasibility Engineering Phase IX Waste Dump Extension Project, DGM. Chile. MINERÍA & SERVICIOS SPA.

Geological survey

Municipality of Barnechea

Geological characterization study of the Ñilhue and Huallalolen basins. Geological risk analysis, evaluation of landslide behavior, engineering solutions and preparation of an emergency plan.

Monjolo and Vale Das Cobras Tailings Deposits - Brazil

Geological and hydrogeological characterization of the Monjolo and Vale das Cobras tailings deposits.


Monitoring using the SAR interferometry technique in critical areas of Chile, such as the San Ramón Fault, Tierra Amarilla sinkholes and the Atacama Fault System, based on analysis of deformations and susceptibility of the terrain.

Geophysical survey

State Railway Company

Geophysical study that considers the geotechnical evaluation of 22 crossings of underground power lines in a 200 km route in Santiago (Seismic Refraction and MASW).

Gabriela Mistral Division - CODELCO

Seismic refraction and Nakamura method. Feasibility Engineering Phase IX Landfill Expansion Project. Chili.

State Railway Company

Geophysical study that considers the geotechnical evaluation of 3 crossings of underground power lines (seismic refraction and MASW). Copiapó, III Region.

Mining Geotechnics

Slope Stability and Flow Analysis - Chile

- Geotechnical stability analysis of tailings dam (Blanca Aurora mine). La Serena.
- Quarry design and slope stability - Feasibility engineering - Spence.
- Geotechnical reports and stability analysis of waste rock dumps and leaching pads - Metropolitan Region Project, Chile.
- Analysis of flow and slope stability for leach pads. Lomas Bayas, Antofagasta

Feasibility Stage for Optimized Quebradona Minera de Cobre Quebradona S.A - Chile

Technical Memorandum for the design in the plant process, geotechnical interpretive report considering random uncertainty and analysis parameter statistic. Geotechnical study, includes design criteria, parameterization geotechnical, seismic classification and recommendations for design, construction, type of landfill, sanitation, surveillance, among others.

Cerro Renca Stability - Chile

Diagnosis of permanent landslides in Cerro Renca (RM, Chile), which included periodic monitoring for 1 year of deformations (based on topographic and inclinometric measurements, as well as InSAR results). The study also included geophysical, geological and geotechnical characterization.

Slope Stability of Colluvial Material - Chile

Geotechnical analysis and recommendations of geomechanical parameters in colluvial soil, El Teniente Mine, Codelco.

Enrocados Test Courts

Geotechnical recommendations for fill tests for rockfilling of a waste rock dump. Sentinel Project. Chile.

Stability of Compacted Structural Fill

Geotechnical review and stability of slopes for compacted structural fill. Thickeners Project. Collahuasi Mine.

Rock Disassembly Characterization - Chile

Geotechnical characterization of waste rock dump for use as riprap material. Development of an exploitation plan, selection, compaction and control of materials for fills of the tailings deposit embankment (Talabre - CODELCO).

Crusher Study Phase XV, Brass - Minera Zaldívar - Chile

Study of the influence of the pit in the crusher building for pre-feasibility engineering of Phase XV of Minera Zaldívar considering the impact of the proximity of the future pit on the existing infrastructure.

Confidential (Pipe Sealing) - Chile

Review of the stability and operating conditions of the Piuquenes Tailings drainage systems and feasibility analysis of pipeline sealing together with the tailings repulping procedure.

Monjolo and Vale Das Cobras Tailings Deposits - Brazil

Critical analysis of two tailings deposits (Monjolo and Vale das Cobras). Geotechnical characterization and official studies to optimize the design of closures (filtered tailings deposits).

Geotechnical Characterization of Solar Plants - Chile

Geotechnical review, topography and startup tests for 13 solar projects in Chile.

Geotechnical Characterization of Plant Foundation - Chile

Geotechnical characterization and foundation design for Spence hydrogen plant structures. Sierra Gorda.

Geotechnical Assistance Truck in Escondida Norte - Chile

Stability analysis for the design of the works, infiltration analysis, deformation modeling to support the designs, identification of the necessary geotechnics to support the designs of the next phase, hydrogeological report and geometric conceptual design.

Calculation report for Installation of Thickener - Chile

Evaluation of the bearing capacity and the settlements produced in the foundations by the placement of the thickener. Geotechnical exploration and geophysical characterization were carried out for the analysis of the transmitted forces.

Stability of MSE Wall - Chile

- Geotechnical characterization of saline sand material as structural fill for TEM Wall (Ruta del Loa, II Region).
- Stability of the MSE Wall. The Bronzes.
- Analysis of deformations for MSE wall (Route 68 Access Port Link El Vergel, V Region)

Confidential (Aqueduct) - Chile

Geotechnical characterization for pumping stations and piping system for the 180 km Seawater Drive System.

Confidential (Tailings Deposit) - Chile

Geotechnical characterization and stability/seepage analysis for a filtered tailings deposit.

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