The EGSciences EG-Trainee programs are personalized training and job placement support programs for people in the process of graduating or already graduates from Mining, Geosciences and Civil Engineering careers, which seek not only to provide technical knowledge but also to support the development staff members of the program.

EG-Trainee’s specialization programs, which seek to enhance technical knowledge in a particular area. These programs are designed according to current professional realities, where both theoretical and practical aspects are considered. In addition, they are taught by professionals with academic and practical experience in the area.

This program allows biweekly entry for graduates/professionals. A new call is opened every 15 days on a rotating basis between the different courses.

The classes are live, online through the Zoom Platform, which allows interaction between the participants and the teacher.

The recordings of each class session are shared and in the same way support material is shared according to the theme that is being taught.

They last 2 months, approximately 40 academic hours.

Classes are usually on schedule between 7 to 10 pm (Chile time) through the zoom platform.

One hour of classes per day, 2 to 3 lessons per week, depending on the theme of the week.

The days and hours are established each week according to the availability of the members of the program.

In addition to providing technical knowledge, it is supported by the personal development of the members of the program. 

At this time we have 3 EG-Trainee Programs:

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