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Geotechnical characterization and quality control

The geotechnical characterization is a foundational service for the identification and understanding of a terrain’s conditions. The characterization aims to determine the geomechanical parameters of a terrain, using laboratory and in-situ testing, geophysics studies, and geological studies. This service has the purpose of assessing the alternatives in a project, and it’s usually performed in complementation of other services.

Seismic refraction is one of the most important characterization models, where the generation and refraction of seismic waves, allows to differentiate the terrain components according to their different refraction times.

The quality control geotechnical service includes operational techniques, and a broad range of activities to verify the quality requirements of a project, particularly when the geomechanical design parameters are varied in a terrain. The service allows to assess different scenarios that can alter the process, and evaluate alternatives to problems during the development or building stage of a project.

Along with the quality control subject to legal procedures, it’s also very relevant the  technical experience to assess realistic scenarios of the terrain without underestimating its capacity to prevent adverse situations, and avoid costly increases in the budget of the project during its development.


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