About Us

EG-Sciences SpA is a private consulting company, founded in Chile in 2019. It is focused on providing consulting services in geotechnical engineering and innovation in construction projects and mining operations.

Its founder, Dr. Leonardo Dorador has more than 12 years of academic and professional experience, obtained in Chile, Canada and the United States.

On the other hand, EGSciences has an innovation area, focused mainly on energy saving in mining operations, efficiency in the management of tailings dams and robotics applied in underground mining.

In addition, we offer an online courses platform to enhance your knowledge on geosciences and engineering.


EGSciences’ mission is to provide exclusive knowledge in the areas of mining geotechnics and to generate new opportunities for applied innovation in the mining industry.


EGSciences vision is to generate new business opportunities, always in the field of mining and engineering, in order to generate new employability and service opportunities. It also highlights the focus on applied innovation, sustainability, care for the environment and water scarcity, key issues to address in this century.