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Geological field studies.

Geological field studies are essential for carrying out any work or project carried out on the ground, be it construction, drilling, geological mapping, etc. The stratigraphic observation, the geological and geomorphological context, the intensity of the dynamic processes, such as erosion, flooding or soil stability, allow us to obtain crucial information for understanding the environment in which we are working, its characteristics and possible risks or dangers. that could occur, and the various mitigation and prevention measures necessary in each case.


Field geology is one that is developed in the field to obtain specific data from a sector to be studied. For this, different methods are used to analyze, describe and interpret the different geological formations that occur and the environment in which they develop, as well as other characteristics of the area such as its geology, topography, hydrographic networks, etc. With the aim of understanding how the different geological processes develop and interact in a certain sector or area.


Through field geology it is possible to describe and characterize the surface geology, it also allows to map specific characteristics of the rocks such as hydrothermal alteration, mineralization, structures such as faults or folds, structural measurements, chemical composition, geophysical characteristics, etc. For this, different means are used, such as: the study of outcrops by collecting geological data (observation, lithological description, measurements), sampling, tests and geological mapping.


One of the main objectives of this type of study is the development of geological maps, which consists of the graphical representation of the geological characteristics of a sector of the earth’s surface, with its structure, contact relationships. Geological mapping is essential for the solution of stratigraphic and structural problems, for the prospection of mineral resources, as well as for the study of various geological events.


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