Innovation Projects


Underground Surveys with Drones

Drone with Modular Sampling System

The built-in LiDar sensor at the bottom and top of the Drone, allow the long reach in real time data acquisition, which is sent to earth station GCS through wireless XBee. The application of a SLAM methodology using an accelerometer enables georeferenced points without GPS. The Drone also has anti-collision equipment and can visualize its surroundings by means of FPV system.


Pre-Feasibility Assessment for a RAEE Processing Plant

Quinet Method

EGSciences assess the recovery of gold, silver and copper associated with mining in processing plants through the experimental method proposed by Quinet. The study considers a useful life of 16 years, in addition to an input composition: 12.56% Cu, 0.08% Au, 0.49% Ag, 0.04% Pd, 86% plastic. The final products variety, along with high quality and easy installation allows the nondependence of a single metal value for the feasibility project thus encouraging a circular economy. This conceptual stage study was carried out by Bastián Albornoz and Matías Avendaño and is focused on the national copper industry and national gold, silver and palladium jewelry.


Large Particle Triaxial

geotechnical companies in chile

EGSciences has conceptually assessed a large particle triaxial apparatus with controlled deformation and preliminary dimensions of 1 m in diameter and 1.8 m in height.

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International Consultants association

EGSciences SpA has a collaboration agreement with INGEOTECNIA, an international company formed by 14 expert consultants in the areas of mining exploration, geology, mining geotechnics, civil and structural engineering, and geological risk management.

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