Educational Platform:

This membership system is a platform that includes six services in the areas of Civil Engineering, Geology and Mining, for which students or graduates who are part of it, will be trained in technical and practical tools that will allow them to complement, learn and innovate. in his professional career, as well as being part of the EGSciences community.

What does EG-ACADEMIC offer you?

Virtual Classroom

Platform for asynchronous online courses in the areas of civil engineering, geology and mining.

  • These are courses that have an average duration of 2 hours, in asynchronous mode.
  • Certificates are earned for each course successfully passed.
  • There is no time limit to view the courses.
  • Each course has downloadable support material.
  • 5 to 10 new courses are added monthly in any of the study categories.
  • By entering the profile of your EG-Academic account, you can see the courses that you have enrolled, the progress in them and those that have already been completed.
  • There is a base of 61 published courses, 11 Geology, 14 Civil Engineering, 36 Mining.


Platform for photo-interpreted maps and innovation in geology, has 3 subsections:

  • Geological maps
  • Geological risk maps and
  • Monitoring of surface movements of substrate and/or rock through maps using the INSAR methodology

Mining Sheets

Access to mining calculation sheets for planning, mineral processing, geomechanics, among others.


Access to databases corresponding to in situ and laboratory tests related to geotechnics.


Updated cadastres related to engineering.

Bilingual Mining Dictionary

Dictionary of technical words in the mining area.



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