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Geotechnical Consulting Companies in Chile

Posted on November 8, 2022

geotechnical companies in chile

Egsciences is one of the geotechnical consulting companies in Chile that has lots of soil services and soil mechanics in this field, provides only the best and qualified technicians.

EGSCIENCES is one of the geotechnical consulting companies in Chile that has lots of soil services in this field. It not only has competent engineers and designers but also it is regarded as a good training center for all the undergraduates who want to enter into this field. To know more about our facility, give us a call. Or you can enroll on our website on for getting new academic knowledge to be updated in soil industry. Also, for having better knowledge about geotechnical filed studies you can study this paper.

Egsciences was established in 2020 and the company has grown a lot in a few years. As one of the leading geotechnical consulting companies in Chile, Egsciences provides lots of soil services for all kind of customers that fulfill their needs. Staffs of this company know what customers are looking for and offer it to them for making their projects successful and optimum.

This professional consulting company provides a wide range of geotechnical consulting services nationwide, including soil testing and characterization, landslide risk analysis, and slope stability assessments. Their geotechnical engineers have over 15 years of experience in their field.

Soil tests are performed on site to gain information on the soil in a given area. The tests analyze the properties of the sample and provide information about different factors such as physical and soil factors. To correctly assess soil composition an accurate sample must be taken from a location that will not change when constructing facilities or performing other construction tasks.

There are several types of soil services. For example, soil classification and determination of different soil types are frequently requested by civil engineers. Evaluation of soil properties that affect foundations and structures is another profitable service in the geotechnical consulting business. Egsciences is well known for this type of service. Also, our company was formed by a group of engineers, technicians and experienced geotechnical leaders centered in Santiago Chile. We are experts in soil testing, sampling and laboratory analysis through our own lab facilities. Our professional and expert technical service staff will work for you to ensure that we meet or exceed your expectations for the support of your projects until get the best and optimum results in every projects.

We are providing you a due care for soil exploration, investigation, and developing geotechnical project report. We are expert in these below things.

just take a call to have a professional project.


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