Kiray Rodriguez

Mining Geotechnics

The powerful and prolonged songs of the whales reveal the structure of the Earth’s crust

Scientists investigating a seismic fault line off the US West Coast now have an unexpected ally in their quest to …

Geophysical survey

Pompeii: in 17 minutes they all died

In the fall of the year 79, Pompeii and its neighbors Herculaneum, Stabiae and Oplontis suffered a great catastrophe. Thousands of …


How does climate change affect the Earth’s axis of rotation?

The Earth wobbles in various ways. Its axis of rotation not only changes direction with respect to the stars; it also moves …

Geological survey

New explanation for a puzzling and catastrophic tsunami

In 2018, un tsunami que hasta el día de hoy ha desconcertado a la comunidad científica mató a 4000 personas …

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