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“The EG-COURSES platform is quite friendly because it shows directly on the screen the shortcuts to each video in a table of contents as it is in a book, another important point is that for each video a document with the respective scientific references is available which will be fundamental when properly arguing considerations taken in the development of work associated with coarse granular materials. ”
Aaron Adasme Gamboa
“The course Geotechnics of Coarse Granular Materials is highly recommended. The state of the art of the characterization of MGG (coarse granular materials) was exposed. Very Satisfied with the information presented. ”
Alex Alcarraza Junior Geotechnical Engineer
“The Granular Materials Geotechnical (MGG) course has helped me better understand and understand the behavior of this type of materials. The course is well designed and presented by a specialist speaker in this area. He clearly explains the theoretical and practical concepts , and provides many additional resources to characterize these types of materials. I recommend this course, it is excellent for professionals who are related to these materials and want to consolidate their knowledge. “

Miguel García – Civil-Geotechnical Engineer (Peru)
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